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April 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th - Write Your Life Series

April 27th - Felted Nest Workshop


May 4th - Fabric is Paint 

May 17th & 18th - Oil and Cold Wax



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Do you have a creative or artistic skill you'd like to share? Do you have experience leading others into creative ventures? Have an interesting topic to share with others? We have a great classroom space that we are hoping to have teeming with learning. 

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Format Of Class Schedule
When setting class fees, we take into account the following: - Instructors compensation (include your prep time & mileage/housing if it applies) - Materials provided by the instructor for each participant - Materials provided by TCAA for each participant - TCAA space usage/rent/insurance - TCAA staffing/PR/bank fees With this in mind, please complete the following:
Our hope is that this is a mutually beneficial collaboration with The Crossing Arts Alliance. We'd like your help in crafting the best possible teaching and learning experience. - TCAA will share the event information in our email newsletter to members, on our website, via social media, and to our press contacts. - TCAA will process enrollments, collect payments, and cut a check to the instructor in a timely manner. We ask that you: - Share this workshop with your mailing list, followers, friends, etc. - Encourage people to spread the word about your word about your workshop. - Consider becoming a TCAA member and joining our creative community. - Let us know how we can help, what questions you may have, or if you have any changes to report. We look forward to working with you!